Our Services

Since 2007 we have been advising high level executives about changes in their careers. Among our clients are stock market quoted corporations, subsidiaries of international concerns and well-known family owned private companies - and of course the executives themselves. We would be pleased to act for you as confidential and experienced advisors in the challenging situation that arises in a phase of career transition.

This involves the development of a suitable strategy and giving permanent and reliable support when implementing it. We help you to deal with the new situation, to make decisions and to convince the people you talk with of your capabilities.

The first step is to define clear objectives based on your motivations, aptitudes and qualifications. You should take time to reflect on the experience you have collected in the past, your current situation and where you see yourself in the future. To ensure the realization of your objectives is possible we make them transparent and take the viewpoint of potential decision makers into account. We know the rules of the game and what triggers a successful change and so we develop, jointly with you, a coherent overall concept that is tailored to meet your objectives. 

As soon as your objectives have been clearly defined we begin to pursue them on the employment market. The key to success is to have the proper positioning in the market, a convincing presentation of yourself with an effective story to tell, a clear USP and knowledge about your discussion partners as well as the relevant decision takers in the market.

For this reason we are in permanent contact with career change experts. By the end of the time we spend working together you will have a sustainable network of reactivated old contacts as well as professionally useful new ones.

Before specific interviews take place we, of course, prepare you for them thoroughly. Can one really understand what you are trying to say? Are you convincing? In our meetings together, we see to it that you develop a good sense of awareness about yourself, the situation and your discussion partners. It is unlikely that you will be taken by surprise by any question, however unusual.

In a process involving permanent feedback loops, we go into all these questions and develop answers. You can expect, at the end, to have found not just a new position, but rather the right position for you. In this respect, we are different from headhunters in that we are not just looking for a suitable candidate to fill a particular vacancy. We will be your main point of contact and will search together with you, for a position that really suits you. 

How do we give you advice and support?

First and foremost, we are available at any time for you to consult with us. As your sparring partner, you can try out your plans and ideas on us or rehearse interviews. We will challenge you, make proposals, urge you on, ask questions and contradict you, until you become sure of yourself and the subject matter. 

We stand by you, during the operative phase of implementing your objectives. From the identification of targets to questions of detail, we put our whole knowledge, experience and know-how at your disposal.

We are not tied to anyone or anything, not even to our own ideas; if your objectives change, we change the strategy. We see objectives as dynamic parameters and adjust ourselves to them time and again.

Perseverance, however, may never be allowed to flag – neither on our part nor on yours. Whatever happens it is essential to stick at it and to keep pushing ahead with the plans. This is what characterizes our most successful clients: they have consistently worked on their career change and in this way forged ahead. We will work just as consistently with you on your career change, until you are again on the path to success.

Our Consultancy Concept FOO – Focus on Objectives

We prepare you for the market

Based on your experience, skills and objectives we define your individual range of capabilities and optimize your self-presentation. Naturally we prepare first rate application documentation too.

Result: after 3 weeks intensive teamwork you will be ready for the market and be able to communicate your incremental value convincingly.

You need to make contacts

Within the scope of our range of services, we decide on a course of action to exploit the open and hidden job markets. Depending on the target groups, we contact companies and personnel consultants and develop networks to make contacts with the right decision takers. It is necessary to differentiate the action plans according to target groups, as the expectations can vary greatly.

Result: after, at the most, a further 3 weeks of intensive teamwork you can approach the targeted contacts with a clear marketing strategy in mind.

Interview techniques and closing the deal

We prepare you for specific questions arising from the industry, company, function and interests of your interview partner. Together we reduce the uncertainties inherent in any such discussions and thus improve the certainty and self-assurance of your presentation of yourself.

The subject matter of our advice in the third phase is many sided and matched to your particular situation. If you wish to become self-employed, we will help and support you with the development of a valid business idea and preparation of a business plan, complete with a marketing and financial concept.

Result: depending on the complexity of the initial situation, you will usually be in a new position in 3 to 9 months after starting the consultancy process, or else you will be a self-employed entrepreneur. To make sure of your success in your new role we continue supporting you during the familiarization phase.

What our clients say about us

Our clients come from a great variety of professional and management positions. You can see their comments on our website. Thanks to our outplacement concept, we have been able to support them successfully. Take a look and form your own impression.

Managing Director / Chief Financial Officer

From my own experience it is very advisable at this point to hand over the navigation to an experienced and competent co-pilot. Having made a subjective comparison between other companies with regard to their reputation, working method and the extent of their expected ability, I purposely chose KONITZER & TAFEL for this role.

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Managing Director Sales & Marketing - Technology 

What was the most important aspect of my cooperation with KONITZER & TAFEL? Not the very professional start to the collaboration and the careful development of the strategy, but the very personal and approachable support throughout the entire reorientation phase. 

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Chief Information Officer – International Industrial Corporations

When I was given the opportunity to take advantage of outplacement consulting, I was skeptical at first. Until then, I had always used my own network and couldn't really imagine how such a consultancy would work. Meetings with two providers revealed fundamentally different approaches. Since the coaching-oriented approach of KONITZER & TAFEL appealed to me much more than that of active marketing, I decided in favor of KONITZER & TAFEL.

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