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As member of the OutplacementGroup we are present for you in all important industrial and commercial centers throughout the country. The group comprises five independent consulting companies in which more than 70 consultants have dedicated themselves to the highest level of consultancy quality and to excellent service.

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Logo of OpenMind Management Consulting
OMC – OpenMind Management Consulting GmbH

Schloßstraße 97
12163 Berlin

Claudia Michalski, Claudia Cordt

Tel: 030 / 79 74 20 30
Fax: 030 / 79 74 20 31

Logo of Gesellschaft für Managementberatung und Outplacement mbH
gmo – Gesellschaft für Managementberatung und Outplacement mbH

Hammerbrookstraße 47 b
20097 Hamburg

Horst van Gageldonk, Wilfried Oberrath

Tel: 040 / 271 44 65 0
Fax: 040 / 271 44 65 22

Logo of M.S.K Outplacement GmbH
M.S.K Outplacement GmbH

Möhringer Landstraße 5
70563 Stuttgart

Michael Mairle

Tel: 0711 / 2272 48 0
Fax: 0711 / 2272 48 25

Logo of Sephamores Int.
Semaphores Int.

Semaphores Int., Paris, is a globally active network in the process of being built-up, which is already represented by independent consultancy companies in Europe and Canada.

The company concentrates on supporting private and public organizations in change projects. The consultants contribute their expertise on how to deal with the effects of transformations on people, organizations and localities. They help with the realization of successful projects by achieving business objectives and at the same time focusing on the human factor, balanced working relationships and dynamic social partnerships.

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Logo of The Association of German Engineers
VDI – Verein deutscher Ingenieure / The Association of German Engineers

The OutplacementGroup and its partners are also cooperation partners of the VDI, the Association of German Engineers.

The VDI sees itself as spokesman for engineers and technology. Its membership comprises almost 150,000 engineers, both male and female, and thus makes the Association of German Engineers, VDI; the largest technical / scientific association in Europe.

You can find more information here:

Die Führungskräfte / The Executives

Die Führungskräfte / The Executives

Our nationally active association DIE FÜHRUNGSKRÄFTE / THE EXECUTIVES offers a forum, advice, the representation of interests and lobbying activities for specialists and managers. 

The association offers its 25,000 members comprehensive career support. This includes consulting services for career advancement and entry, seminars and free legal services from specialized lawyers, also preventative. It is a strong representative of the political and economic interests of managers and offers a wide ranging and well maintained network of members in all regions, for younger members, members over 60 and women in management as well as senior managers.

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