Alexander Panitzki


Alexander Panitzki is a partner at KONITZER & TAFEL and brings extensive experience in the banking as well as in the consulting sector in the field of career transition to the team.

Alexander started his career in credit and corporate banking at the Deutsche Bank based in Cologne and Bonn. During the German reunification he pioneered the founding of the Leipzig Branch of the Deutsche Bank with 700 employees. As a member of the Executive Board with portfolio responsibilities in corporate banking, risk management and international business, as well as human resources, he continued to cooperate closely with medium-sized enterprises. Alexander is a member of several supervisory boards by way of honorary appointments (e.g. as a commercial judge/expert, and a chamber of commerce representative) and was actively engaged in establishing new structures in the newly formed German federal states.

At the end of 1993, Alexander assumed the marketing responsibility for the domestic corporate banking in the Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, using his experience in the industry while working closely with key decision-makers in the German industry. In addition he was appointed to the assessment center team where he was able to draw on his vast experience, in order to select and evaluate high potential and promising executives of Deutsche Bank.

In 1996 Alexander joined the Bankgesellschaft Berlin as Director and Senior Vice President Corporate Banking, reporting directly to the Executive Board.

After 20 years in the banking sector Alexander decided to change his professional career seeking new challenges. Dedicated to sharing his senior management competencies he started to coach managers and senior executives in critical career situations and during their career transition. This is what Alexander pursued with passion and enthusiasm - particularly in his last position as Associate Senior Consultant with Mühlenhoff + Partner and today with KONITZER & TAFEL Management Consultants.

During his time as career coach and outplacement consultant, and on the strength of his extensive operational and strategic management experience, Alexander has advised a large number of senior executives and professionals in almost all areas of industry, trade and services.