Clients´ views

Senior Executive International B2B Business Development

The global restructuring of the executive organization at my former employer, an Asian international corporation, became reality. My responsibilities were shifted to the headquarters, and after more than 30 years’developing an international career, I had to manage a professional re-orientation. This was a challenging time for the whole family, and became, from time-to-time, more emotional than rational.

I was given the opportunity to choose between different outplacement options. KONITZER & TAFEL in Düsseldorf became my choice, because their framework is clearly focused on individual coaching to achieve an individual result.

During the next months, KONITZER & TAFEL not only proved their individual focus in general, but provided a true individual and practical coaching and process to support success in finding the “right job”, and not just “a” job.  

KONITZER & TAFEL consists of a group of people with complementary expertise and experience, covering support for most aspects needed when working to find the next position. Being given the opportunity to have a dialogue with different experts was very helpful when preparing for the first job interviews.

KONITZER & TAFEL’s extensive experience in international management and leadership was very good for this dialogue as my career was always and will remain international. This experience allowed us to work on options for international and cross-cultural environments.

KONITZER & TAFEL gives you a challenging and demanding work load, digging into your past and formulating the future; however in this dialogue and process your individual branding will be created. You will work with a framework of tools which allows you to make your unique value proposition easily understood by the next employer.

I look back with a smile on our dialogue and discussions and the work we did, and really hope to keep this contact now my circumstances have changed so positively. This is a value creating investment.