Clients´ views

Sales Manager Electromechanical Components / M. Sc. Engineering

It’s like a car accident; not your own fault, not planned and not convenient - the severance agreement imposed by the company ended a long-standing contract and lead to unemployment.

No problem. I’m communicative, a sales professional with many years’ experience in all facets of business and have a reasonable curriculum vitae. With a bit of hard work it won’t be too difficult to find a new sphere of action with management responsibilities, if necessary by using connections.

After two months and some initial efforts came the realization: despite a shortage of trained specialists in Germany and having connections, there are just not that many management positions around. OK, so readjust the strategy: how can I attract the interest of potential employers? Answer: I don’t really know. I haven’t, after all, had to look for a job for over 12 years’.

This is where KONITZER & TAFEL came into it, as I was looking for support from experts. Already at the first meeting I felt appreciated. Well, obviously, it’s their job to listen and send out positive signals. But my gut feeling told me very quickly that this is where I’ll be brought safely to pastures new.

This feeling was no deception: after the “drudgery” phase (working-up the classical elements such as curriculum vitae, application letter, speculative applications, development of my network) and after the initial euphoria and frequent subsequent disappointments the resort to professionals proved to be dead right. The encouragement from my advisor woke in me a belief in myself and the success of the project. She achieved this by listening actively, by showing sympathy in a sensitive way and by building me up mentally. She always found the positive aspects, even in negative experiences and consistently kept looking forward, by making new plans, creating tasks and fixing meetings. For me this was the most important function performed by my advisor.

Another very important thing happened while working with my advisor: I learnt a great deal about myself, am much better able to make a self-assessment and am in a position to give a good description of both my social competence and my professional skills. I am now much better able to tell interviewers about my strengths in a well thought out but still freely spoken way, without appearing to be bigheaded.

Another important point is professional communication. This happens in the family and with friends, but at a different level. The permanent challenge of how to express in words experiences such as the time shortly before, during and after my dismissal or subsequent job interviews was very useful, as was the feedback from my advisor.

Today I am again in a position of trust and responsibility, that I actually found on my own initiative, but without the support of KONITZER & TAFEL would perhaps never have attempted. For this I would like to thank the whole team, but in particular my personal advisor.

Everybody who is interested in outplacement should be aware of one thing: KONITZER & TAFEL gives us direction, puts tools in our hands, structures our application documents and delivers guidelines, but without your own initiative it won’t work. But anyone reading this is already showing the required commitment, the only thing lacking is an initial call. Good luck!