Clients´ views

Managing Director of a technology-based industrial company

The Human Resources director of the company I was working for recommended that I make use of a consultation on starting a new career, generally known as outplacement.

I talked to several consultants and decided in the end on KONITZER & TAFEL. The decisive factor for me was the solid international experience my consultant possessed.  We also had a good rapport which was important to me during this process.

My reorientation was based on regular appointments (to begin with twice a week) and a professional preparation of all my documents and IT-platforms.

The outplacement consultancy itself is a selective search and analysis of suitable target companies and the preparation, consideration and specification of the necessary and appropriate steps which have to be taken.

For me the underlying and decisive aspect of coaching is the contemplation, the consideration and the determination of further activities after a successful interview. During this phase I found that having a contact person who was available for discussions around the clock was indispensable.

We always worked critically and purposefully.  With his down-to-earth analysis and as a professional sparring partner, my consultant helped me to achieve our common goal: my new career challenge.  Thank you very much!