Clients´ views

Managing Director / Chief Financial Officer

As with all navigational experiments, understanding a professional reorientation as a chance is, from the point of view of the person concerned, all about “objective and accurate” positioning.

Although career changes are often announced well in advance, management staff frequently find themselves in a situation where they are not able to make decisions about the process or the timing. And after the decision has been made alternating emotions of relief, doubt, enthusiasm, resignation, hope and fear of the unknown will follow.

Particularly during this time it is difficult to remain in the driver’s seat and find a quick and reliable navigation for the reorientation.  From my own experience it is highly advisable at this point to hand over the navigation to an experienced and competent co-pilot.

Having made a subjective comparison between other companies in regard to their reputation, working methods and the probable extent of their abilities, I purposely chose KONITZER & TAFEL for this role.

In my case, after an in-depth analysis of the starting position, the options for my professional change were confronted and a work packet was defined in steps, which were helpful and essential for a successful positioning.  Apart from concise factual support the goals here are to work out one’s own viewpoint of the situation and the possibilities which might occur, adjusting where necessary.

Regardless of the co-pilot’s competence and experience, it was clear to me from the start that it was only me that could determine the speed, the direction and the change - and therefore the success of the professional reorientation.

From my own experience I can say that career coaching, that is to say an outplacement consultation is worth it for everyone who wants to internalize the role of candidate and consultant.  With KONITZER & TAFEL you’ll get to the finish line!