Clients´ views

HR Director - International Industrial Environment

After 20 years in a global industrial group, where I had most recently held various senior positions in HR and at the time of a general restructuring, which also included my HR department, I came to the realization that I wanted a new challenge. 

In spite of my long HR experience, it was not clear to me how to set up a strategy for looking for a new position or how to implement it on the job market. This was also because my profile as something of a generalist didn’t really seem to fit very well with the positions found on job portals. Developing an application strategy that fitted my situation and learning how to pursue it were the crucial aspects of the coaching from my point of view. 

I would like to thank KONITZER & TAFEL for their empathic and intelligent advice and for always having a contact person with whom I could talk about tactics and situations and, after interviews, consider further activities and finally decide on the course of action leading to success. I learned a lot about myself during this time and, of course, how to set up and sustainably pursue an application strategy in the future.