Clients´ views

Head of Managed IT Services

For 18 years I worked in various capacities for my previous employer, a global technology company, lastly as manager of a large service delivery unit.

In the course of a reorganization, my level of management was abolished at very short notice. Great and woeful lamentations! There was no adequate substitute position in sight, instead of which I was offered a job in which I would effectively wait in abeyance. Perfectly sensible, if there was a realistic prospect of a long-term improvement in the general environment, but I just didn`t believe it. 

At the same time, I had the growing feeling that this was the moment for a job change. In the middle of my career, with a stable and well-disposed private life – if not now, when would it ever be better? However, the thought of a career change also made me a bit nervous. Applying for jobs! How does one do that now? I had never really strategically organized my personal network with a view to the possibility of a job change, so there was no quick solution to be expected in this way. I had a CV, but was it appropriate in style and structure? In addition, how good were my online profiles in the web? Then I remembered that a colleague had talked about an outplacement coach who had previously given him very good support when making a change. So without wasting time I arranged an initial meeting, without any obligations.

Mr. Tafel and a colleague spent three hours with me, at very short notice, to make my acquaintance personally and to get a better understanding of the point at which they would have to pick up the case, what ideas and plans I had and what support I was going to need. An atmosphere of mutual confidence developed very quickly and by the end of the meeting, it was clear to me that it was going to be possible to work very closely with the designated partner. The most important thing for me was the feeling that I could talk about everything with the consultant; not only objectives and wishes but also fears, worries and doubts. 

With the reassuring feeling that I had had found the right partner and support for the looming job change phase I agreed with my employer over the next few weeks, a termination of my contract and set out on my outplacement adventure. And what did I get from all of this?

The methods used in the consultancy process seemed to me to be suitable and useful. I learned a lot about strategies for applying for jobs, but even more about myself. Open discussions, based on confidence, brought me a great deal of knowledge about myself and were a substantial success factor when realistically defining my new career objectives, and in the end in finding them. When, halfway through the process, my advisor had to take a break for health reasons and a change of advisor became necessary, one could see the pragmatism and flexibility that is an important characteristic of the KONITZER & TAFEL consultancy.

Overall, I can say that the consultancy met my expectations completely. I have not regretted my decision to be advised by KONITZER & TAFEL!