Clients´ views

Director of Information Technology & Software Engineering

I reached out to KONITZER & TAFEL because I felt my job-hunting skills needed some refinement and that I wasn’t up to date to the current job market after many successful years in one company.

Tobias helped me first of all to clarify the goal (what I wanted to achieve) and to make it very specific. That has been tremendously important because it prevented me from getting lost in the many opportunities that are out there and waste time. In addition, staying focused helped me moving fast and save energy.

We then worked on creating a clear and executable plan to reach the goal. We worked on every detail, Tobias didn’t leave anything to the chance: from choosing the right email format to approaching the right type of headhunters to prepare a pitch, and last but not least to being ready for interview questions. We had checkpoints and added measurables milestones that kept me on track and that gave me a lot of confidence as I was seeing results build up. 

Overall not only did I found a job that I love in three months, but I learned a method to communicate what I want in a very professional way to the right people and I am sure I will rip the benefits of those sessions with Tobias for many more years.