Clients´ views

Commercial Director /MBA

After more than 20 years working for a medium-size family company and following a severe change in the surroundings, I suddenly found myself at the age of 49 faced with a completely new orientation.

Equipped with an excellent education and a huge experience potential from a strongly internationally-orientated job as commercial manager, I felt well prepared for every challenge, but not when it came to my self-portrayal and presence in the overt or covert management market.

The logical decision, or the one which any responsible person in a comparable career situation would take, was to make use of a management consultancy – in this case, outplacement.

I deliberately chose not to go for one of the big names in the branch to find my ideal sparring partner who would become my constant and ever present advisor during this rather complex job application process, involving highs and lows and a lot of patience.

I was well supported during all the problematic issues of the process.  This comprised the reworking my strengths, realigning my career goals, working out the market, as well as making contacts, right up to discussions and advice sometimes from the point of view of personal life experiences.

The outplacement consultant remained a sparring partner and a coach.  During this cooperation time one shouldn’t be adverse to guidance on the one hand, but on the other hand, one needs a huge amount of self-discipline, initiative and commitment, which constitute the steps to success.

The efficiency of this consultancy lies in the good mix of the said cooperation.  Above all it is important here that the “chemistry” is right between the client and the consultant.

Having completed successfully within a reasonable time I would like to once again heartily thank KONITZER & TAFEL!