Clients´ views

Business Development Manager

During the last 10 years I managed the business development activities of a large European company. I was responsible for everything that had to do with moving the strategy forward – no day-to-day business, no routine tasks. However, because of a change in top management, the company policy altered radically. For me it was very quickly obvious that I needed a new challenge. It was however rather less obvious specifically how I should develop and press ahead with my own strategy for the job market. This was particularly so because the position that I was looking for was neither clearly definable nor to be found on job search websites.

After a number of initial discussions with various outplacement consultants I knew “the chemistry must work and I must have the feeling from the outset that I am in good hands“. Already in the first “getting-to-know-you” meeting at KONITZER & TAFEL my impression of my future advisor was very positive. Thanks to her empathy and astuteness she was exactly the right counterpart for me. Together we prepared all the documentation within a few weeks – really professionally! And in the process I learned a great deal for the future about how to develop a job application strategy and pursue it unremittingly.

Three months later there were – after much positive resonance and many discussions – also two definite employment contracts on the table. That is good for one’s self-confidence. In a few days I will start working on my new challenge, which is tailor made for me. I am looking forward to it already! Without my KONITZER & TAFEL advisor I would probably never have obtained such a position, which is not to be found in the internet.