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Branch Manager Port Operations Bulk Commodity Logistics

Career changes for executive personnel are nothing unusual nowadays – but what happens when things develop differently than planned?  I spent 25 years working for a large company in different management positions and worked my way up to be on the management of several locations.  Job rotation and personal development within the company were quite customary – but suddenly and completely unexpectedly the executives were confronted with restructuring.  A change process took place where one management level was taken away and positions were eliminated and merged. My own position no longer existed and no reasonable alternative was available in the company.

My whole world fell apart! I was emotionally in turmoil. I questioned my confidence and was unsure how to answer the question about what I should do next. What was going to happen?

It was at this point that I was recommended to go for a consultation with KONITZER & TAFEL. This was a stroke of luck for me. The KONITZER & TAFEL consultant not only possessed a comprehensive know-how and extensive experience of outplacement, but also had the empathy to consider my personal issues – so that I was able to gain a clear picture of my situation.

During the very personal interaction with my KONITZER & TAFEL consultant I quickly managed to find a continually targeted process towards my reorientation. I particularly liked the first class preparation of my application papers and the fact that I could always determine the speed and direction of the change process myself.

Both my consultant and I have a large network from which we could make promising contacts.  KONITZER & TAFEL supported me hugely with the prepared documents and the individual preparation and follow-up to written communication and interviews with potentially new employers.  Particularly important for me during the application phase was being able to get answers to relevant questions at any time – this was possible almost around the clock! It was therefore not by chance, but as a result of good coaching, that I was eventually given the job of Branch Manager Port Operations Bulk Commodity Logistics with the responsibility for several locations in a logistics company.

Only three months after my first meeting with my KONITZER & TAFEL consultant I began my new job, which delights me and will be a lot of fun.

I am extremely grateful to KONITZER & TAFEL and in particular to my coach.