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Mark Ritzmann, Vice President Innovation Management (43)

During the past 16 years, I worked in various capacities in marketing, sales and strategy for the Vodafone Group in Germany. In the last years, I was the Director responsible for the m-Commerce and Financial Services Division – that is to say for digital innovations in consumer products. It was our ambition to digitalize the physical wallet together with all its service cards (for payments, loyalty, identity, access, coupons etc.). At the time when I left the company, Vodafone was the European market leader, measured by the number of active customers, in front of Apple, Google and Samsung.

After I had been responsible for the m-Commerce and Financial Services division at VODAFONE for several years and had successfully driven the business along, the Vodafone Group decided to reduce the total budget for innovation, also in my division, to such an extent that successful operations would no longer be possible. I am still convinced that the digitalization of wallets will not only come, but will also be a very lucrative business for the companies that offer corresponding services. However, I also think that it will require a great deal of creativity and effort to develop the appropriate propositions that finally bring customers to give up using a leather wallet. In this context, I felt unable to accept the budget cuts and it came to an amicable settlement that led to my leaving the company.

A colleague arranged the contact to KONITZER & TAFEL. After an initial meeting with my advisor lasting three hours it was clear to me that it not only suited me, but that the KONITZER & TAFEL approach was the right way to tackle a new challenge. In the following very intensive sessions, my advisor helped me to sharpen-up my profile and to see more clearly what it is that I really want in my career. My advisor was available to me round the clock during the whole process, from keeping my digital network up to date, to approaches to recruiters and contract negotiations.

KONITZER & TAFEL did not just help me successfully to find a job. My advisors also helped me to plan and organize the time until I took on a new position. Both the network and my digital presence that I built-up together with KONITZER & TAFEL will be useful, long after the completion of the current process. Lastly, and I want to emphasize this, the care and advice was to a very high degree individual and personal. There is no collective processing here, but instead very personal, intensive and hardworking sessions, in which there is still room for a bit of fun!