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Executive - Outplacement

Managing transition into a new role

Our Goals

The average length of time that managers and executives stay in companies diminishes year by year.

Although the reasons are varied and caused by varying issues, career transitions are today an integral part of any executive résumé. This fact doesn't make moving from job to job any easier.

A separation situation and the search for a new employer can make unforeseeable demands on the individual, and pose challenges for which one is not prepared for in daily company-life. All of a sudden executives have to redefine themselves and their market value for companies and must portray their achievements intelligently in order to make a successful career move.

It is clear that in job interviews or even pitches, there is no second place. KONITZER & TAFEL begins its journey with you here. We are target-oriented and make use of the much practiced 3-Phase-Model which prepares our clients for challenging interviews with decision makers until a new position is found and successfully managed.