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Executive - Outplacement

Case Studies

Managing Director in the Automobile Industry-
Career stop used for a targeted industry and regional change

As a managing director of a renowned German automotive supplier, Mr. K., 49, was in charge of two manufacturing plants: one in southwest Germany, the other in Eastern Europe. With the assistance of five division managers, Mr. K was responsible for approximately 2000 workers in the areas of technological development, production, and quality assurance.

Until a change of ownership occurred, he was able to lead his division to a large extent independently. After the change of ownership, however, the structure and objectives for his division changed. After long discussions, both sides decided to dissolve his contractual working relationship, and since Mr. K had concentrated exclusively on his job with the company for the previous 15 years, the company generously offered to support him in the career transition process. For reasons of his own, Mr. K wanted to use this opportunity to move to the west of Germany.
Together with KONITZER & TAFEL, we developed a strategy to target specific companies of the region where he was moving to and established well-prepared, professional contacts with the local personnel advisors. In our meetings, we developed the arguments that explained a career change.

After just 7 months, Mr. K. succeeded in getting an attractive position as managing director of production for a company in the region he wanted to move. The final contact was established by KONITZER & TAFEL Management Consultants through a direct approach to the supervisory board.

Executive-level Manager in the Telecommunications Industry -
Career Transition for a Better Position

Mrs. B., 43, was in charge of marketing for a large telecommunications company. After a change in management, she decided to leave the company. Since she had good contacts in the industry, Mrs. B wanted to try to find a position on her own--though she soon discovered that there were not many positions available. It turned out that her contacts were not very reliable either, so the company's offer to support Mrs. B's career transition with one-to-one outplacement consulting came at the right time.

Given her unsuccessful attempts to find a new position in the telecommunications sector, KONITZER & TAFEL decided together with Mrs. B to look at other industries offering similar work. We systematically researched positions in other fields that offered jobs in marketing similar to the one she had come from. Then we developed a strategy to contact specific companies and personnel advisors who specialized in the IT branch.

After 4 interview sessions with her new employer, Mrs. B. was able to find a management position in the German subsidiary of an American marketing and distribution company. It took only 6 months of job searching for KONITZER & TAFEL to help Mrs. B find the position-- the contact coming through a headhunter.

CFO - Steel Processing Industry -
Late Career Change

Dr. Z., 53, was the CFO of a steel company, whose parent company was abroad. He was responsible for the entire back office, which consisted of controlling, accounting, legal affairs, administration, and human resources.

After a company restructuring, his responsibilities became considerably smaller. Despite a long search, the company was not able to come up with an adequate position for Dr. Z and decided to let him go. Due to his many years of good work, the company offered him a one-on-one outplacement service, which he gratefully accepted. Because of his age, he was concerned about having to find a new job, and he had never cared about building a reliable network. He spent his time at work and with his family.

At KONITZER & TAFEL, we decided that we would work with Dr. Z on developing his network. Working together with Dr. Z, we established contact with Headhunters and activated old contacts. After less than 5 months, Dr. Z got in contact with a former classmate of his--with whom he had not spoken in 15 years. By chance, this friend knew of an available position in a chemical company, and was able to contact the firm on behalf of Dr. Z.

After several rounds of talks, which extended over 3 months, Dr. Z took over a position as CFO in the company. Although he was initially overwhelmed with the prospect of losing his job, it turned out to be a positive step. Today Dr. Z feels comfortable in his new surroundings, new job, and both he and his family have become active members in a local sports club.

Head of Electronics Production -
Today Successfully Self-employed

For six years, Mr. A., 45, was head of production of a medium-size, family-run company with 200 employees that produced electronic construction units. After a generation switch, new family members took over with different views on running the business.

Upon being let go, Mr. A. was able to negotiate one-to-one outplacement services with the company to support him in his career transition. In the process of the consultation, he had several interviews with different potential employers. The desire for independence in his working life, however, became stronger. So much so that after 6 months, Mr. A. decided to go it alone.

Together, we developed a viable business idea and wrote a professional and realistic business plan. Through the KONITZER & TAFEL network we were able to make the contacts that became helpful in financing his business venture. A further emphasis during our sessions was acquisition and talking to potential customers. Today Mr. A. is an independent consultant, and he never regrets having taken this step.