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Executive - Outplacement

Our Consulting Concept - an Approach

Objective I: Market Preparation
What is it that makes you interesting to a future employer?

Based on the client's experience, knowledge and individual goals we define our clients specific USP's and optimize his or her self-presentation. A very important part of this is the preparation of professional résumés and first-class application documents.

Result: after a maximum of 3 weeks intensive collaboration, our clients are prepared for the market and can communicate their skills convincingly.

Objective II: Interviews
How does one reach the right people to speak to?

Again, looking at the client's specific USPs, we determine an approach to the development of the open and covered job markets. We contact businesses and personnel advisors to develop networks based on target groups so that we come into contact with the desired decision-makers. It is very important that target groups and "sales channels" are approached individually since all expectations are very different.

Result: After an additional three weeks of intense training, our clients leave with a clearly developed marketing strategy for specific positions based on specific leads and specific contacts.

Objective III: Negotiation, Coaching & Finalization

How can you score big with interview partners?

We prepare our clients specifically for those questions that come directly from the industry, businesses, posted job-listings, and needs of potential employers. Through our consultation sessions, we help our clients to improve their presentation and discussion skills by building self-confidence and coaching them to avoid pitfalls that can often arise in an interview situation.

KONITZER & TAFEL prepare interview rounds, develop guidelines for specific career choices, and advise clients on contract and salary negotiations. The third phase of the consultation process is multi-faceted and tailored to the client's specific need. Should a client want to become self-employed at this point, we provide our clients with guidance and consultation in the development of a valid business idea, and together develop a business plan together with marketing and financing concepts firmly in place.

Result: depending upon the complexity at the start, our clients typically find new positions or become independent entrepreneurs within 3 to 9 months of beginning our consulting sessions. At KONITZER & TAFEL, we even feel compelled to accompany our clients in the training-phases of their new positions in order to ensure sustainable success in their career transition.