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Executive - Outplacement

Client's Voice:

Senior Patent Counsel (53)

It came as a surprise to me when I was informed after 26 years of service for the same company that my position was to be outsourced and that I would be released in three months time with a year’s full pay and subsequent compensation. The company was fair and offered me the services of an outplacement consultancy, something previously unknown to me. I was both curious and skeptical.

On hearing this news I contacted the outplacement consultancy KONITZER & TAFEL and within a few days I was given an initial interview and a detailed explanation of the consultancy concept. I had become more and more curious and decided to accept KONITZER & TAFEL’s offer. I had nothing to lose; I would wait and see what would happen. Over the next seven weeks this decision proved to be a good one.

My consultant and I met weekly for around three hours. First of all we worked on my so-called Executive Profile, which along with my career background and further education, clearly highlighted my additional worth to a potential employer. This document became an important basis when writing application letters, while compiling my profile on major career networks in the internet, and when editing the draft reference from my previous company.

Additionally KONITZER & TAFEL told me about suitable job market sites on the internet, which enabled me a brief and daily overall view of the positions that were relevant to me. I was impressed by the clever tricks one could use to identify the decision makers at potential employers in order to avoid speculative applications ending up nowhere.

In response to several applications I soon received an invitation to an interview at a large well-known company. On the same evening KONITZER & TAFEL provided me with an extensive list of questions tailor-made to my background and commented that I might like to think about suitable answers to these typical questions. At the following meeting we went through the questions and I compiled and perfected answers in a so-called 2-minute spot about my persona in addition to my education and career background. I was then ideally prepared for the interview and was able to answer questions precisely. The interview was therefore successful and relaxed. After an invitation to a second interview KONITZER & TAFEL prepared me with a prepared shortlist of negotiable subject matter regarding contracts.

Shortly after the second interview the decision was made in my favor and I was offered a contract. It can be said that the position that I will be taking over in three months is comparable to the one I am in now.

Despite this smooth and fortunate result the services offered by KONITZER & TAFEL do not end here. I will continue to be supported for a while after I commence the new job, after the so-called onboarding has taken place.

Now all that remains is for me to thank KONITZER & TAFEL for the competent and trustworthy support. I was able to seek advice in a humorous, encouraging and sincere atmosphere.