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Executive - Outplacement

Client's Voice:

Managing Editor and Journalist (48)

It’s over: my employer and I have parted ways after nearly 20 years.  Now back to writing applications, networking, studying newspapers and job markets in the net.  Millions do it each year, so can I…

On the other hand: career-wise I have walked the beaten track, so why should I do that during a job search? I realize that I needed a guide to get me through the application jungle.  My employer offers me an outplacement consultation.  I accept it.

In the meantime there is a promising application.  The job is made for me.  I even get recommended.  Then a stroke of bad luck.  I learn very quickly that high expectations lead to large disappointments. I don’t get a call.  Two months after my separation I begin my outplacement consultation with KONITZER & TAFEL in Düsseldorf.

The first step:  what makes me interesting, which successes can I invoke, what are my particular strengths?  My CV gets improved; my specialist profile is put together.  The next thing I learn: it’s not just companies that have a USP (unique selling point).  Applicants must say in a few clear words what they have to offer: what can I offer which no one else can and which is perfect for your company?

What is the most important thing during the new orientation phase?  That one isn’t alone.  I was cheered up by calls from colleagues after the separation.  I got tips and hints about job vacancies, I was recommended.  That encouraged me and gave me strength and courage and motivated me.  I didn’t crawl into a hole, I spoke to friends and acquaintances, my network, I got help, I started using XING.  

Going like a bull at a gate will seldom see success.  Blind applications achieve their goal when they are cleverly devised and finely-tuned.  I learn this during the outplacement consultation.  Application letters should make someone curious.  Documents can be sent at a later date.  In one case I had a direct interview with a managing director.  He wanted to launch a new product on the market and have me do it for him.  But in the end the planning just dragged on.

During interviews I can present myself in 2 minutes.  Not only politicians have to come to the point quickly on television.  One’s own presentation has to be precise, viewable, and short and sweet.  I am prepared for any uncomfortable questions.

Alternatives are very important.  Self-employment is tempting.  Together with my outplacement experts we worked on a concept.  In the meantime there are more and more interview invitations. In the end I have the choice of three jobs.  One is via a colleague’s recommendation, one via a blind application, and one via a job vacancy advertisement.  Four months after beginning the consultation I begin a new exciting position in my dream town. I am delighted!