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Executive - Outplacement

Client's Voice:

Head of Sales / Key Account Manager
Health Care & Animal Health (46)

I spent many years in a company always thinking that everything was in motion: reorganization, strategic adjustment, steady changes in the management team – it was passing me by.  I am highly capable, I’ve taken part in personal development measures and promotion activities and I am valuable to the company.

Then a thunderbolt strikes: staff reduction and I’m one of them.  I am highly qualified; I’ve had a fantastic career and yet am no longer of any use? The company is big and I would do some department or another some good.  I’m independent, results-oriented, able to work under pressure, flexible, straightforward and loyal, good chances, wouldn’t you think? No.  Other guys are wanted, those who are blindly obedient and conformist, so no room for the likes of me with my rough edges and flaws.

I was looked after- the deserved member of staff: termination agreement, severance pay and the offer to use the services of a so-called outplacement, at KONITZER & TAFEL in Düsseldorf.  So then I had to find out what that was all about, how it could help me and who they were anyway – KONITZER & TAFEL?

The term outplacement describes a service which is financed by a company for its departing employees, which offers professional help for a reorientation in a career, right up until a contract is signed or a new business is set up.  A great offer, but what can they do which I can’t?  I am an established person with leadership experience, I have had endless applications put in front of me and have conducted just as many interviews.  I am a professional, how can they help me?

The answer is this: they can do an awful lot and a lot more than me. First of all we had a really open talk to discover whether we were suited and whether working together made sense. To bring someone down from his pedestal without belittling him and showing him the way, using helpful means, towards a new reorientation.  Back to zero, let yourself be led and trust the experience of real professionals.  That is what I found here: real professionals.

These are professionals who know their work without being arrogant or complacent. They are professionals who only work with “good” people, who are not afraid to be critical or to temper overly high expectations.  They are human, sympathetic, and are able to respond individually to a situation.  They are professionals at listening at the right time, motivating at the right time or just simply kicking someone in the behind at the right time when one is about to wallow in self-pity. These are professionals who take time for you and don’t give you the impression that you are just a product being given their service.

All of this characterizes KONITZER & TAFEL: professionalism, humaneness, integrity, know-how, commitment and, last but not least, success. The decision to use the services of outplacement at KONITZER & TAFEL certainly paid off for me. It was challenging, educational, emotional, communicative and helpful in my new and uncomfortable situation. Thank you!