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Executive - Outplacement

Client's voice:

Head of Business Unit International Financial Services,
Dr. rer.oec. (48)

After 14 years spent in various top management positions in an international financial services company with steady career, experience nationally and internationally and consistently good performance assessments, there came suddenly, out of the blue, a change of superiors on board level and with it completely new priorities with the main emphasis on restructuring and cost reduction.  Within two weeks my own position was made obsolete.  A reasonable alternative within the company - bearing in mind the sudden and completely unpredicted new situation - was not available.  Suddenly my whole world was turned upside down.

Instead of budget planning for the coming year there’s external job searching, instead of being able to build on the previous successes in the company there are contract negotiations and bargaining an appropriate severance pay.  After such a shock I found the support from friends and family, but in particular from professionals, to be immensely important.

 On the one side one’s own image of the world and ones confidence is unexpectedly called into question; and then there is the huge feeling of insecurity regarding the future and what it will bring.   Here a personal consultant plays a center role in ones professional reorientation – he (or she) offers emotional or factual support, points out opportunities, works with you systematically on the present situation and the next steps to be taken and becomes a real coach.

The main role of my personal coach at KONITZER & TAFEL during this time was establishing a closely trusting relationship, the trust that things will continue, that one can fine the way back onto the road to success (paving the way to a career comparable to the previous one or following an entirely new path). My consultant played a central role in this.

The chemistry has to be right.  The consultant has to show proper yet emotional value, draw on experience, and be able to convince me, or in a nutshell be “with me” all the way.  This was the case in my situation with my KONITZER & TAFEL consultant.  Within the shortest time we sat together, worked on the personal documents, prepared a communications strategy, planned career options and began an application campaign.  Once my own preferences had been clearly worked out I was quickly on the way on a promising route to success and at the beginning of the following year the next career step stood firm and secure.  There were about four months between the “moment of shock” and the offer of a contract for my new job.  Four months of intensive work - purposeful, motivated, extremely well supported by my consultant – and therefore only entailing a few minutes of worry and discouragement right at the beginning of the process.  A bit of luck is also necessary; but had the search process taken longer, then with the emotional and professional support of my consultant I would have managed things as well.

My full thanks go to KONITZER & TAFEL and in particular, of course, to my coach.