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Executive - Outplacement

Client's Voice:

Head of Business Unit - Specialized Therapeutics (48)

I regarded my consultant at KONITZER & TAFEL as my sparring partner.  Someone who gives good tips but is the position to challenge the job seeker and give a good reality check – when its needed.

One mustn’t forget that the process of job hunting can be a very lonely business.  The entire KONITZER & TAFEL team knows from experience which phases one goes through when one is looking for a new job and a new challenge.  The structure which is followed by them is irreplaceable.  Whether it’s the compilation of excellent application documents, the practice interviews, or the permanent search for contacts, I felt well looked after during this whole process – otherwise I would have had to find my way alone through the jungle of applications.

Something which I particularly liked was the compilation of a “list of attack”, in which all contacts and activities were listed and updated and added to almost every day.  We worked together in a complementary way and the contacts which I had were excellently supplemented by those of KONITZER & TAFEL.  This strong coverage finally led to a whole line of contacts, which eventually led to the position I took up.

It is furthermore important to get direct and spontaneous help when interviews have to be prepared or discussed afterwards.  I was given the task – by my now employer – to give a presentation for which I only had 24 hours to prepare.  Even on such short notice a critique was possible.

To sum up I can really say that the service was very helpful in covering all aspects of the application process.  If there is an attractive offer at the end, then even better - and everyone is happy!