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Executive - Outplacement

Client's Voice:

Division Manager Category Management (49)

After nearly 28 years working for a company I was made redundant.  After the initial shock I felt a certain relief because during restructuring in the last months a certain mental preparation had already been going on.  During the first weeks I was busy with the process of the contract termination. In this situation a good lawyer is a top requirement.  There should be no signatures or concessions without previous legal advice, because companies often try to use the emotional impact of this special situation to their advantage.  It was important to me that the cost of my outplacement process were guaranteed to be paid for.  At the beginning I was quite open in my private life about my redundancy.  Keeping secrets from the family and friends would have burdened me, something which one definitely doesn’t need during the application process.  By being so open-minded I received a lot of support and encouragement.  This was an important experience to make during the first weeks.

Then a good friend recommended KONITZER & TAFEL.  This was a stroke of luck for me because during the first personal contact I had the feeling that I was going to be well looked after during the application process.  Personal and professional support from a consultant is a basic precondition for a successful application process.  I used the time during the first weeks after my dismissal to form a clear picture of my future career path.  I can only recommend anyone to take this time in order not to rush panic-stricken into a difficult and rocky application process.

My consultant showed me in his exemplary manner how to prepare my application documents.  Perfect documents are a basic essential in the application process. During this time I learned to appreciate the experience of my consultant and coach.  Many details throughout my application process were unknown to me due to my lack of experience and these helped me no end.  After the first rejections some frustration set in.  Self doubt of my abilities began to reign.  “Am I no longer of use on the job market? Why does a company not need my knowledge and know-how?”  Here I got to know and appreciate the determination and meticulousness of my sparring partner, with whom I continually looked for new possibilities of new jobs.  It is extremely important in this phase to have a competent partner and counselor on ones side, who can mentally boost you and who believes in you.

The most important experience I had during the whole application process was the intensive, detailed, meticulous and individual preparation of every single application. Here KONITZER & TAFEL did an exceptional job.   I went completely prepared to every job interview and never had the feeling that I wasn’t well prepared for the meeting.  This preparation led to my re-entry into the working life and made a new and attractive position in an attractive company possible.

The most profound experience that stays with me was never to give up and always to believe in oneself, even in phases where the frustration factor was very high.  To put up with disappointments and to start from the beginning were a continually integral part of my application process.  Professional support from my consultant helped me again and again.  By having intensive discussions, some of them quite personal in manner, I managed to obtain a self portrait of myself during my time with KONITZER & TAFEL, which will be very helpful for my future career.

For me it was also incredibly important to introduce family and friends into the application process. They were always important sparring partners and they managed to encourage me during difficult times. The somewhat overused saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” is really appropriate here.  One should always look for the opinion and support of trusted people during such a difficult time.  I always experienced support and am eternally grateful for it.  I particularly thank my wife, for whom the situation was of course very often very burdensome.  One shouldn’t underestimate that family, members of the family, and friends also suffer under the unemployed situation and that they remain quiet and unnoticed. Often one is so absorbed in the situation that one forgets the problems and difficulties of others.

Finally I would like to expressly thank KONITZER & TAFEL.  I experienced a personal consultation which I wouldn’t have had in other comparable consultancy companies.  Friends of mine, who know about the consultancy world, have repeatedly confirmed this.  I always felt comfortable and could gather courage and certainty in difficult situation during the many discussions. I am totally convinced that the personal counseling was the key to my successful re-entry in the working world.

My compliments to you and many thanks!