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Executive - Outplacement

Client's Voice:

Corporate Category Manager - Plants and Flowers (52)

I would like express my sincerest thanks to you for your personal engagement and the professional competence of your consultancy.

As a result of your clever, consistent and detailed questioning of my background and my previous career, you were able to put together a picture of me and my career goals and to consequently coach me absolutely in the right direction.

I always had the feeling that I was taking each step of the application process with absolute conviction, while simultaneously being of one opinion with you.

In view of the fact that I was in a very specialized branch, namely that of “organized trade with flowers and plants” and wanted to remain there, it was a huge challenge to find me an appropriate position.  Our joint project worked out entirely to my satisfaction.

I found the preparation of my “two minute self-portrayal ad” to be particularly beneficial.  I also translated it into English and have used it both in German and English many times.

Good tips as to how to get along with diverse committees and the workers council in the new company have really been useful.  At the workers council meeting I made a very good debut and had an excellence response.