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Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer –
Mechanical Engineering (44)

A sensible future investment

Professional changes are part of those certain discontinuities in life which despite the increase in fluctuation, in particular among experienced specialists and managers, are often characterized by different repercussions in ones private life, as well as the challenge itself.

Ordinarily above-average, successful, confident and proactive management sometimes find themselves back in a planned, but often quite unexpected, communicative situation, in which they assume a previously unfamiliar role.

Using one’s own experience, because one has after all often sat on the other side of the desk, can lead to the risk of wrongly assessing a situation and not completely anticipating the current development on the job market.

What could be more obvious based on this utterly sobering realization, i.e.  the loss of competence and the unusual loss of confidence, than to get competent help; an experienced sparring partner who will guide you through this process.

Outplacement offers professional help here: people, who are often professionals in the marketing of products and services, are guided and supported through the marketing of their own persona and abilities on the way to a new professional challenge.

The spectrum of help encompasses the up-to-date reworking of documents, the creation of scripts for different communications scenarios, right up to the preparation of the USP, the unique selling proposition - the applicant’s unique proposal.

The demanding phase mentioned above often leads to the basic thought to at least redesign or completely change one’s future career, to think about other search criteria and target companies.

During these deliberations the outplacement consultant cannot do the hard work for the applicant but he can be continually available as an experienced and participatory partner.

 After one’s own position and target is defined the professional guidance comes in the form of using different media, using different internet platforms, addressing headhunters as well as the direct contacting of potential employers and the later the preparation for interviews and the layout of the integral part of a contract.

And only after a successful search, initiation and recruitment, and after using the consultant as a personal coach during the preliminary stages of the new job does the active part of the consultancy comes to an end.  Many will of course take the personal contact to the consultant and the knowledge of the topic outplacement with them into their new job and recommend or use him privately or commercially.

As a private user of this service package, just recently in my new position and obtaining closure on a difficult phase in my life, there remains one conclusion to be said: OUTPLACEMENT – a sensible investment in your future career.