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Executive - Outplacement

Client's Voice:

Managing Director / CEO Communications Engineering (50)

Top level and successful management staff like members of the board or management team often find themselves in the situation where a new career start becomes necessary overnight.  Even if over a long period of time a separation was seen to be unavoidable, it inevitably comes unexpectedly and when one is unprepared for it.  What do I do now? Who is a helpful mentor? The (married) partner fears a social decline; ones friends give well-intended suggestions, which are not generally all that helpful.

This is where the outplacement consultant comes into being.  In my case it was KONITZER & TAFEL in Düsseldorf.  Firstly the consultant is there as an audience and a sympathizer.  He helps to analyze the new starting position and to retrieve one’s self confidence. 

The professional support not only extends to the preparation of professional documents like the curriculum vitae and ones profile, or the online services such as Experteer or XING.  The outplacement consultant guides one through the whole process right until the successful resumption of a professional occupation.

The success of a new career move is, of course, dependent on the commitment and diligence of the individual applicant.  The outplacement consultant can only, after all, be a constructive guide and sparring partner.

This summer, after being the one at the receiving end of a negative separation process after many years in a successful career, I made use of this outplacement consultation.  My experience was absolutely positive and I can only recommend my decision.  It was definitely a successful investment in my future.