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Principles of Cooperation


The consultation process is based on a close and trusting co-operation between advisor and client. The marketing and application activities are planned and prepared together.


Our work with our clients is strictly confidential. KONITZER & TAFEL Management Consultants never release the personal data, analyses, or any application activities of our clients to third parties.

Individually Tailored Services

The content of our consultations are geared and tailored towards each individual client’s situation and can be modified or changed at any time.

Theme-based Approach

The consulting sessions are topic-based and not bound by any time constraints. The individual themes will be worked through point by point until it is determined by our coaches that they have been dealt with and understood comprehensively.


In addition to one-on-one career consultation sessions in person, and depending on the particulars of the client-situation, it is also possible to continue consultation on the telephone and via email.


Success in the consultation process is considerably helped when a client shows personal commitment and self-initiative.  Motivating our clients in the area of self-initiative is one of the most important goals of the consultations we give at KONITZER & TAFEL.

Client Role

The client remains personally responsible for all contacts, interviews, and work contract negotiations with potential employers. The KONITZER & TAFEL consultant plays a discrete, advisory, but background role.