The published articles and recommended books shown in these pages deal with subjects involving career development and changes. The articles are unfortunately only available in German. We have taken care to include only books that can stand the test of time and that are concerned with both individual outplacement and career coaching. To make it easier to gain a quick impression we have added short notes on each title.

Published articles

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How employees from firms involved in scandals can still have a successful career

Surveys show a scandalous firm in your CV is poison for your career. Employees need to learn how they can polish their image.

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How can one turn job changes into a career booster?

Managers often feel that their job is not really challenging or see no adequate perspectives with their employer. A high degree of control by other people is a further limitation to job satisfaction.

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Midlife crisis in your job? These questions clear up doubts

Around their fortieth birthdays many employees become nervous: are they on the right track to be able to shape their careers successfully in the coming years? A career check creates clarity.

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A personal business plan for managers

A well prepared personal business plan shows your own situation, your individual strengths and capabilities and your personal market very clearly. As a personal action plan it contributes decisively to your career success.

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Individual Branding

Especially in the current complex and not very transparent job climate it is difficult to recognize the abilities of each employee and to support and make use of individual strengths accordingly.

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Individual Branding: Recognizing and communicating your own USPs

The right employee in the right place at the right time with an optimal cost-benefit ratio; that is the dream of each and every human resource decision taker.

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Career check-up at 40

At the age of 40 – that‘s when the career ends for many people. At any rate that’s how they feel. Particularly managers often suppose that another decisive career step must be made before they reach forty. The career check-up shows what paths are still open.

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Marketing oneself: whoever presents himself well is appreciated by his company

The employee as a brand? Marketing plays an increasingly important role in all aspects of business. The job market is nowadays complex and there is a shortage of employees with expertise in many areas. It is high time for employees to display their abilities to advantage in job applications and in their own companies.

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Marketing oneself

Progress in a company is decided by one’s reputation among colleagues and superiors, not by the actual performance. Developing an own brand is therefore is an absolute necessity for anyone wanting to get ahead. You should be supported by your company in this individual branding as it profits most from employees who know their strengths.

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Career crisis? What you need now is a plan

From lockdowns to layoffs, the COVID-19 crisis has deeply impacted the professional lives of many alumni around the world. Here are five simple proactive steps to succeed – whether that’s securing well-paid, stable employment or your dream job.

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How to make it through a midlife career crisis

At about the time of their 40th birthdays, many executives start getting nervous. They typically ask themselves these questions: Am I on the right track for career success in the coming years? How far have I come and where exactly do I want to go? What can I still achieve? What options are open to me? Can I start again, doing something completely different? What are my core capabilities and which companies are interested in these skills?

Suggestions for reading

Words That Work - It's Not What You Say, It's What People Hear
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By Dr. Frank Luntz, published by Hyperion , New York 2007.

In this most pragmatically written book the author investigates the question why some managers find jobs so easily or can wriggle out of problems so easily. He ascribes the decisive influence to the right use of language and choice of words. People who can use words to motivate and convince are able to shape the way they are seen by others.

The author advises politicians and corporate leaders in the USA on questions concerning communication: what has to be said, how one should say it and, decisively, why this is so important.

Dr. Frank Luntz is a real communications professional. He shows vividly the connection between words and perceptions. This connection is valid for all areas of communications and is an important element for shaping one’s career.

What Got You Here, Won‘t Get You There
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By Marshall Goldsmith, published by Hyperion, New York 2007.

In this book the author investigates interpersonal behavior and its meaning for professional success.  Many behavioral habits are unconscious and sit deep within us. Taking a conscious attitude to them helps us to tone down unnecessary habits and to develop new ones.  In this way potentials that have lain fallow can be used as a recommendation to assume new tasks and cope with them successfully. The successful management trainer Marshall Goldsmith describes how it is frequently seemingly small foibles that become major problems on the way to a career. Using examples, he shows how these can be overcome.

Marshall Goldsmith is one of the most influential management trainers and business writers in the USA.  His experience derives from working with companies such as Ford, Toyota and General Electric.  

It seems to us that reading this book would be very interesting when in a phase of professional reorientation.  Often professional themes are so strongly emphasized that behavioral patterns are seen only as a marginal factor. But it is really e.g. personal appearance, the way of approaching other people, how one deals with conflicts and the style of communication with other people that decide on the success of a career.

Who Moved My Cheese? An amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life.
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By Dr. Spencer Johnson, published by Vermilion, 2001

Change as an opportunity. In this evergreen, the successful author Spencer Johnson describes how one can cope sensibly with unexpected change and what one should in any case avoid doing. A career change, a divorce or moving house: many people react helplessly when changes in their life suddenly occur. How one faces change with courage and success is told in a parable of two mice and a pair of dwarfs who live in a labyrinth, when one day the most important thing (cheese), disappears. A struggle of willpower, hope and success follows.

At this crossroads behavior decides on success, progress and happiness in both private and professional life. It is of utmost importance to be prepared and flexible and to act without fear but with caution.

The author trained as a medical doctor. In his career with companies and research institutes he gathered experience about change management, both personally and on behalf of organizations.

The Prince
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By Niccolò Machiavelli, published by Penguin Classics.

Machiavelli is concerned with the themes of power and the enforcement of the rights of ruling princes while excluding any thoughts of idealism or utopia. He analyses the successful rulers in history and derives recommendations for the assumption of power from this, which were at the time mainly meant for Lorenzo de Medici. He was motivated by the idea of a united Italy, which suffered in the 15th and 16th centuries from the power politics of squabbling Italian city states, from foreign powers and the temporal ambitions of the pope.

Born as the son of a patrician family in Florence in 1469, Machiavelli served as a senior civil servant and became involved in the conflicts between the quarrelling parties. Following accusations, prison and torture he died lonely, but left behind his thoughts and insights in his book “The Prince”.

To this day this controversial book retains a degree of timelessness, which makes it worth reading even now.