Clients´ views

Managing Director Sales & Marketing - Technology 

What was the most important aspect of my cooperation with KONITZER & TAFEL? Not the very professional start to the collaboration and the careful development of the strategy, but the very personal and approachable support throughout the entire reorientation phase. 

In particular, during the very difficult time of the Corona lockdown I found the support from my advisor extremely helpful, when the job market was almost idle. Here, above all, the reports on comparable experiences of other clients helped me to better assess the situation and to look ahead even in difficult moments.

Every personal meeting on site or later via video conference was very valuable for me. In many conversations we analyzed my current situation: What worked in the applications/interviews, where was the hitch? With the results, we steadily refined my profile as well as the strategy and its implementation.

My consultant was rarely satisfied with the first and obvious answer. Through his active listening, his many questions, and the challenging of my answers, we got to the core of the issues. Through this approach, I also learned a lot about myself during our collaboration, which I can consciously use today. 

In the end, I was able to find my current, new job through my personal network, with whom I was able to exchange ideas openly and clearly thanks to what I had learned. The journey towards this was very instructive and rewarding. I am very convinced of the benefits of the collaboration and can absolutely recommend it. A great experience!