Clients´ views

Chief Information Officer – International Industrial Corporations

When I was given the opportunity to take advantage of outplacement consulting, I was skeptical at first. Until then, I had always used my own network and couldn't really imagine how such a consultancy would work. Meetings with two providers revealed fundamentally different approaches. Since the coaching-oriented approach of KONITZER & TAFEL appealed to me much more than that of active marketing, I decided in favor of KONITZER & TAFEL.

I am very happy about this decision, because the experience I gained through the collaboration has made a significant contribution to my career development. I had also dealt intensively with my development before and made good progress. Through the methodology and experience of KONITZER & TAFEL, which is very strongly focused on a coherent positioning and the elaboration of my unique selling points, I was able to raise my profile to a significantly higher level of professionalization. This systematic approach and the support in formulating core messages have had a great impact on me and continue to be a great support in my daily work. Therefore, I can highly recommend KONITZER & TAFEL.